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A guide on important Zoom settings to help your course run smoothly

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  • If you're using Zoom to host your live cohort sessions (most instructors do), you'll want to quickly check a few key settings ahead of your first session.

  • If you have questions about Zoom settings, the best thing to do is to search Zoom's help docs or contact their support team.

  • The Zoom account used for your course is your own. Maven does not provide a Zoom account for your course.

Zoom + Maven integration

You can read our complete guide on integrating Zoom with your Maven course here.

Before you create your course events, connect with Zoom here. We highly recommend you use a Zoom Pro account. Without Zoom Pro, you will have a 40-minute limit on live sessions and won't be able to use our automatic recording features.

Once you've connected your Zoom Pro account to Maven, you'll be able to:

  1. Automatically create Zoom session links (no copying and pasting needed!).

  2. Automatically record sessions and share the recording with students.

Key Zoom settings (in Zoom)

If you've integrated your Zoom with Maven, the following settings will automatically be enabled:

  • Waiting room is on.

  • Recording is on (pause this recording until you're ready to get started with the session).

  • Attendee microphone is muted.

Other settings we suggest confirming in Zoom:

  1. Screen-sharing: allow one participant to share at a time. Allow only the host to start a screen share when someone else shares.

  2. Breakout rooms: turn the feature on.

  3. Joining by phone: allow or disallow, based on your preferences.

If your cohort is large, with over 100 people expected to join a live session, check out these additional settings.

Pre-cohort logistics test

  1. Check that you have integrated with Zoom and ensure you have access to the Zoom account linked to Maven.

  2. Check that all events have a Zoom link attached. You can either view the calendar invites (there should be a link to join) or click on each event in the Events tab to ensure a meeting location is added.

  3. Check all the Zoom settings (mentioned above).

  4. Join the event about 20-30 minutes before your first live session so you're ready to welcome students. Be sure to pause the recording (don't stop it!) and restart it when you're ready for the session to begin. You can read about hosting a great live session here.


  1. I can't start my Zoom session. Zoom says the meeting is invalid, or it asks the host to start the meeting. What do I do?

    1. If the meeting is invalid, it might have been deleted via Zoom. You should create another Zoom link ASAP and update the Maven event location. Be sure to publish the calendar and share the new link to join via the #Announcements channel so everyone enrolled gets an email.

    2. If the meeting asks for a host, you're not logged in to the Zoom account associated with the event. Log in, either in your browser or desktop, and try again. Note: Maven is not the host; we cannot start your session for you!

  2. I tested my Zoom meeting, and now there's a recording posted in place of the "Join event" button. How can I reset this?

    1. Go to Events --> find the Event --> click "view recording." From there, you can either delete or update the recording as needed.

  3. My recording didn't post. How can I share it?

    1. This may have happened for a few reasons: 1) more time is needed - it can take a few hours to post a recording to Maven; 2) you might not have recorded the session - check to see if the recording is available via Zoom and that it's stored to the cloud, or 3) you aren't using a Zoom Pro account - it's required that you use one for the recording to auto-post to Maven.

  4. Students don't have a Zoom link to join. Where do they get it?

    1. If your Zoom link is added to each Maven event and your course calendar is published, then the link was sent to students via email. About 20 minutes before the session, Maven will send another reminder email to encourage students to join, and a "Join event" button will appear under the Event in the Student Home.

    2. Students can use this guide to troubleshoot if they don't have the calendar events.

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