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How to link your Maven and Zoom accounts

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  • Connect your Zoom and Maven accounts in your course settings.

  • Once connected, create automatic links and recordings for your live cohort sessions.

Zoom integration and course events

When setting up your events, you have the option to manually add Zoom links, or to integrate Zoom and Maven.

When you connect your Zoom account within Maven, Zoom links are automatically created for your cohort events. Similar to how we handle payments with Stripe, your Zoom account is used across your entire school for all of your courses. This integration will save you from having to create events in Zoom, then create them again in Maven.

Default settings include:

  • Waiting room is on

  • Recording is off (there's an auto-record checkbox* you can click when setting up your event in Maven)

  • Attendee microphone is muted

* you can still manually record when you're in your meeting if you choose not to auto-record.

To connect your Zoom account:

  1. Visit your school's settings page.

  2. Scroll to Integrations -> Zoom.

  3. Click "Connect with Zoom" and a new browser tab will open.

  4. If you aren't already logged in you will be prompted to sign in with your Zoom credentials.

  5. Click "Allow." Note, the checkbox at the bottom of the screen if you are using Zoom's shared access permissions.

To create a Zoom meeting link:

  1. Go to the events page in your course admin dashboard.

  2. Create a new event or series.

  3. Click "Create Zoom Meeting."

  4. Select "Record My Meeting" to save a copy of your event to your Zoom account and automatically publish session recordings to students.
    โ€‹Note: recording requires a Zoom Pro account and the Zoom desktop or mobile app. For the recording to begin automatically you must join the meeting from the Zoom app. Learn more

To switch Zoom accounts:

When you disconnect your Zoom account, we are required to remove all Zoom meeting/recording links. However, if you'd like to switch to a different Zoom account without removing all data please contact us.

To disconnect Zoom from your Maven account:

  1. Visit https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed and login to your Zoom Account.

  2. Next to "Maven.com" click the "Remove" button. This will:

    • Remove Maven from your installed Zoom Marketplace apps

    • Deauthorize your Zoom account on Maven so we can no longer communicate with Zoom on your behalf.

    • Remove all of your Zoom related data including meeting links you have created from Maven. Zoom requires that we protect your privacy and Zoom user data in this way. When you connected your Zoom account we requested your Zoom ID solely for this purpose.

If you experience any issues or have further questions about connecting your Zoom account, contact us at [email protected].

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