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Adding course events to your calendar
Adding course events to your calendar

Steps to ensure all the live events for your course are added to your personal calendar

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  • When you enroll in a Maven course, you'll have access to any course events the instructor has scheduled.

  • Course events may be automatically added to your calendar, depending on your calendar settings.

  • Read on for some common steps for adding all the course events to your calendar.

Automatically added events

If your instructor has scheduled the cohort events, you'll get an email with all the live events. This email contains files that allow these events to be automatically added to your calendar, depending on your calendar provider and your current calendar settings. Here is an example email:

A sample email with the subject "your course calendar is available." The email shares the calendar files and a subscription URL used for manually adding course events to a personal calendar.

Once you get this email, check the calendar associated with the same email you used to register for the course. If you see the cohort events, great! There's nothing further you need to do. If you don't see the events, or think some are missing, keep reading to learn some steps you can take to ensure all events are added to your personal calendar.

Manually adding events

There are two ways you can manually add events to your personal calendar:

  1. Add each event individually from a .ics file.

  2. Subscribe to the course calendar using a URL.

Adding individual events

When you enroll and get the email containing information about your course events, you'll see that it contains .ics files. These are usually near the top and bottom of the email. Here is an example:

A sample email with linked events at the top and .ics calendar file download options at the bottom.

You may also see a button that says "add to calendar" under the list of events near the top of the email, like below. You can click this button if you see it.

To manually add each event for the course:

  1. Click on the linked event near the top of the email (option 1) to RSVP on your personal calendar. Or, click the "add to calendar" button.

  2. Download the .ics file near the bottom of the email (option 2) to access the file and manually add it to your calendar.

Subscribing to the course calendar

In each email about your course calendar, there is also a subscription link for your course's calendar. To learn more about how to use this subscription link for each major calendar provider (Outlook, Google, and Apple), check out this help article.

In general, you will simply copy and paste the calendar subscription link and follow the steps here to add it to your calendar.

Need more help?

Here's a troubleshooting video to help you see each of the above steps in action:

If you have further questions about adding course events to your calendar, please reach out to [email protected].

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