Sharing session recordings
How, why, and when to share your live session recordings with students
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  • Share session recordings with your students that will show on their student schedule.

  • Integrate your Zoom and Maven accounts to automatically publish recordings to students.

  • Zoom, Loom, Vimeo, and YouTube videos can be played directly in the Maven syllabus.

  • Students keep access to recordings indefinitely.

How to share recordings via Zoom + Maven

Most Maven instructors use Zoom for live sessions and recordings. If you need help recording your session in Zoom or need more information about which accounts support Zoom recordings, here's a Zoom help article for more support.

When your Zoom and Maven accounts are integrated, you'll be able to automatically record sessions and post the recordings to the student portal. Be sure to opt in to sharing the recording when you create your cohort events.

How to opt in to automatic recording sharing:

View of the student portal with an auto-posted session recording:

Other ways to share recordings

You can add recordings to your Maven syllabus by adding a video option in the syllabus editor.

When you add a Zoom, Loom, YouTube, or Vimeo link, the video will play directly in the syllabus for students. You can share external links to other video hosting sites such as DropBox or GoogleDrive as well, but when using these sites students will be directed to the link outside of your Maven syllabus to watch your video. If you don't record to your Zoom cloud account, you can record to your computer and upload the recording to Vimeo, DropBox, etc.

Here's the general process for sharing a session recording to your students:

  1. Add a link to a URL of a recording to your course syllabus as a video.

  2. Any enrolled students will now be able to access your session recording in the course syllabus.

  3. You can also share the direct link to the recording or direct students to the syllabus module in your course community.

Why and when to share recordings

Sometimes students cannot attend live sessions during your cohort, and other times students simply like to review your course material including the live sessions. Maven's made it easy to support all students' learning by sharing your session recordings.

Students will keep access to your session recordings indefinitely. They can access all of the courses they've enrolled in at, even beyond your course's end date. If you want to remove access to a course recording, you'd need to:

  • delete the recording from your Zoom account or your Maven syllabus


  • remove the student from your course

If you have further questions about how to share session recordings with your enrolled students, please email [email protected]

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