30 minutes before

  • Join early

  • Ensure your waiting room is turned on in Zoom

  • Run through the content to make sure there are no outstanding edits

  • Add relevant post-workshop links to your syllabus or provide via your community channels and publish right before or during workshop

  • Make sure post-workshop survey link is ready to share in Zoom chat towards the end

  • Talk through ideal size and length of breakout discussion if you haven’t already

  • Queue up your post-workshop announcement as a DRAFT in the #announcement channel (with @channel notification)

    • Be ready to publish as soon as the workshop is over.

10 minutes before

  • Select a song to play

  • Have a no-fail question ready for the first few students coming in

    • No-fail question: questions that don't have wrong answers. What was the best part of your weekend? If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? What's your favorite TV show right now? etc

  • Make other staff co-hosts

  • Windows open: presentation, notes, Zoom

  • Silence phone and computer notifications

Class start

  • Once the instructor is ready, click “Admit All” to the attendees in the waiting lobby to let in everyone who has already joined the Zoom link.

  • You will then continue to press “Admit” manually for new attendees for the first 5-10 minutes and likely some latecomers throughout the workshop.

  • If you are playing music, make sure to follow these instructions so that the music doesn’t get cut off every time you speak

    • TL;DR: Hit Share Screen, Click on the “Advanced” tab at top, and press “Music and Computer Sound Only”

  • At the 3-4 minute mark, prompt the instruction to get started and share her screen to begin the workshop

  • Click on “Record” => “Record to the Cloud” to begin the recording

  • Ask no-fail question to a student who seems attentive or just between instructor and moderator.

🧑🏫 During workshop

  • Keep an eye on the participant list for latecomers and some people may get kicked off Zoom (e.g. internet issues) and need your permission to re-join

  • In the Zoom chat, remind people to post questions in #workshop-questions Slack channel to help prioritize question asking

    • Queue up people in the Zoom to ask questions - give them 20 sec

  • Keep a sense of time so you can pull any audibles as needed if we’re running late on time

  • Queue up upcoming breakout rooms (see next section) but do not hit “Open All Rooms”

Breakout discussion

  • At least 5 minutes before the breakout discussion is set to start, click on the “Breakout Rooms” button in the Zoom footer:

    You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

  • Change the number of rooms setting until you see the desired number of participants per room.

  • Click “Create Rooms” to queue up the rooms when you’re ready to split people up

    • On this screen, you can make manual adjustments like switching people into different rooms or manually assigning someone to join a breakout room.

  • As the instructor walks through the breakout room instructions, paste the link to the Google Doc with explicit instructions in both the Zoom chat and in the #workshop-questions channel. Audibly tell students that you did that!

    • If the prompt is straightforward, just type the instructions in directly. For today, you can simply type, “Hey everyone, the prompt for today’s breakout is simple. Introduce yourself in less than 30 seconds, discuss a definition for “creator” amongst the group, and nominate a spokesperson who might be asked to share with the broader group”

  • Make sure people have an opportunity to ask questions if the instructions are confusing.

  • Do NOT hit “Open All Rooms” until you are ready to have people join the breakout rooms

  • When ready, click “Open All Rooms” and note the time so you can call people back appropriately.

  • People will start clicking on “Join” to leave the primary room and join their respective breakout rooms.

    • There might be late straddlers so audibly tell them to join the room. If they are confused or didn’t see a prompt to join, you can manually assign them to a different room.

    • People may get kicked off and rejoin the main room. In that case, use your best judgement to assign them to a new room. If we’re in the first few minutes, it might make sense for them to join a breakout. If the breakout discussion time is almost up, they should just stick around with you & the instructor and wait.

  • Pause the recording

  • Keep in mind that your interactions with the instructor are being recorded when people are in the breakout room

  • A minute or two before you close the room, click on “Broadcast Message” and say something like “2 minute warning!”

  • When time is up, restart recording, click on “Close all Rooms”. This will start a 60 second countdown after which everyone will be forced back in the main room.

Last 10 minutes of workshop

  • Ask a debrief question

  • Share your feedback survey (standardize NPS across every workshop)

  • Post your post-workshop announcement in the #announcement channel

  • If you haven’t already, hit “Publish” on the course syllabus file to link the Assignment doc and other relevant documents

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