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A guide on how to write the main section/hero/above the fold of your landing page including 5 templates for your course description

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  • Components of your hero section

  • 5 templates to write your course description

  • For naming your course, check out this guide

Components of your main section

The main section (also known as "hero section", "header", "above the fold") should highlight key benefits, transformation, and target student of your course.

  1. Course title (bold header): the name of your course which you can change in your Settings.

  2. Course length: determined automatically based on your start and end dates in your Cohort Settings.

  3. Course description: a brief description of the main outcome of your course. See below for templates and exemplars.

  4. Image/video: upload a course image or video. Check out Maven's Brand Toolkit to download a template and design your own image. If you want to upload a video, only Vimeo and YouTube links are supported.

  5. Call-to-action or "CTA": depending on your settings, this will be an email capture (waitlist mode) or a button saying "Apply" (application required) or "Enroll" (no application). Check out this article on how to adjust your CTA.

Five templates to write your course description

We recommend jotting down a few sentences for each template to get your ideas flowing. Feel free to combine, mix & match to come up with a compelling, direct, and clear description of your course.

✍️ Template 1: "How to achieve outcomes X, Y, and Z"


✍️ Template 2: "Create/write/get/build/design a tangible output to achieve X result"


✍️ Template 3: "Get the proven process/repeatable process/framework/step-by-step/playbook to achieve X result"


✍️ Template 4: "A program/workshop/interactive course for X ideal student to learn how to Y"


✍️ Template 5: "Go from X to Y in # days"


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