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How to adjust the calls to action on your landing page

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  • The buttons on your landing page that encourage students to join are called "calls to action" (CTAs).

  • CTAs are adjusted in your course settings.

  • The CTA shown on your landing page is related to the type of course you're running (application or instant pay) and if your cohort is open for enrollment.

Calls to Action (CTAs)

On your landing page, prospective students will see one of three possible calls to action depending on the type of course you have set up (application or instant pay) or if your course is in waitlist mode. A call to action (CTA) is a button that encourages prospective students to take a step toward enrolling - joining the waitlist, submitting an application, or securing a seat in your cohort. Maven has thoughtfully designed the placement of CTAs throughout your landing pages to ensure that students see the information they want to know and are inspired to take action to join your cohort.

The three CTAs available for your landing page are:

  1. "Get notified about the next cohort" - students will enter their email and join the waitlist.

  2. "Join today" - students will enter the payment page to secure their seat in the cohort.

  3. "Apply today" - students will begin the application if you have one for your cohort.

How to adjust the CTAs

There are two different ways to adjust the CTAs on your landing page:

  1. Adjusting the CTA ("get notified," "join today," "apply today").

  2. Adjusting the positioning on your landing page.

Adjusting the CTA

The CTA that appears on your landing page depends on which type of course you have set up (application or instant pay) and if your cohort is open for enrollments or applications.

  1. To set the "apply today" CTA on your landing page, open your cohort for applications in your course settings.

  2. To set the "join today" CTA on your landing page, open your cohort for enrollments in your course settings. Be sure your applications are turned off.

  3. To set the "get notified" CTA on your landing page, keep your cohort closed for enrollments. Note: your page will automatically show "get notified about the next cohort" as the CTA once your payment or application deadlines have passed.

Adjusting the CTA positioning

Within your landing page builder, you'll be able to adjust the positioning of the CTAs. You will not adjust the wording (join today, etc.) in your landing page builder - you'll do that in your course settings. To change where the CTAs appear, simply drag and drop them to the position you'd like. You will be able to rearrange CTAs, but you cannot delete them. Maven's thoughtfully placed a specific number of CTAs on your landing page based on how many sections you're using - we're already careful not to overload the page with CTAs and have built the landing page builder based on what we know works to drive enrollments.


  1. Can I change the CTA after I've published my landing page?

    1. Yes! You can always adjust the CTA in your course settings.

  2. Can I customize the language beyond "get notified" "join today," etc?

    1. No, right now the language is standard based on which style of course you're using (application or instant pay).

  3. Can I change the color of the CTA?

    1. Yes! Click the setting icon (⚙️) in the top right corner of your landing page builder. Look for "theme settings" to open the color palette, and adjust the "primary" color.

  4. Can I publish my landing page while in "waitlist mode."

    1. Yes! The call to action does not impact whether your landing page is able to be published.

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