How to name your course

A great course name will grab the attention of prospective students. Here's how to come up with a better course title.

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  • Write at least 10 course name ideas using the brainstorming templates below.

  • A good title is descriptive, juicy, and urgent

  • Set your course name in Settings > General

Generate 10-15 course name ideas

When coming up with a name for your course, you'll write 10 bad ideas before finding one good idea. Your first step is to write 10-15 titles. Here are some brainstorming templates to inspire you:

  • How to [action-oriented outcome]

  • How to [action-oriented outcome] for [target Student]

  • How [target student] can [achieve outcome]

  • [Action-oriented outcome] in 3 hours/1 week/2 weeks

  • Build your first [outcome]

  • Create your [outcome]

  • [Topic] Training

  • [Topic] Accelerator

  • [Topic] 101 or 201

  • [Topic] Crash Course

  • [Topic] Bootcamp

  • [Topic] Seminar

  • [Topic] Strategy

  • [Topic] Masterclass

  • [Topic] Program

  • [Topic] Foundations

As you brainstorm, feel free to be more descriptive rather than concise. The goal is not to come up with a pithy title—it's to generate lots of ideas. Once your ideas start flowing, you'll find a golden nugget in the list.

Here's a brainstorming document from a course about product strategy. The instructor wrote a dozen action-oriented, "how to" statements before landing on one she liked.

A great course name is descriptive, juicy, and urgent

It can be tempting to want to coin a catchy term like "Atomic Habits" (James Clear) or "Purple Cow" (Seth Godin). But most students browsing the Maven marketplace prefer a clear and descriptive title that tells them exactly what they'll learn.

A great course name is:

  • Descriptive: clearly states what the course is about

  • Juicy: enticing and compelling

  • Urgent: solves a vexing problem

Here are a few examples. Notice how they are all descriptive and clear even though they vary in length.

  • Break into AI Product Management in 2 Weeks (Marily Nika)

  • Improve your B2B SaaS Website Conversion Rate in 3 Hours (Emily Kramer)

  • Managing Your PM Career in 2023 & Beyond (Shreyas Doshi)

  • Financial Statements Explained Simply (Brian Feroldi & Brian Stoffel)

  • Crypto Academy Training Program (Anthony Pompliano)

  • Startup Brand Strategy (Arielle Jackson)

  • Sales Leadership that Delivers Results (Pete Hancock)

Action: Set your course name

To set your course name, go to Settings > General

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