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Creating and uploading your custom course and social share images

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  • Add a custom course image to display on your landing page and

  • Customize your social share image to help your course stand out in your marketing.

  • Maven's made it easy to customize your images with our Brand Toolkit and image templates (available in Figma and Canva).

Your course image

In your landing page builder, upload your custom course image. Your course image is the image displayed at the top of your course landing page. It is also your course thumbnail for your course listing on Using a Maven-branded course image can add credibility to your course. To be listed on, you must have an uploaded course image.

Add your course image in the Main section of your landing page builder. Once added here, your course image will show on your landing page:

Social share image

Your social share image is the preview image that displays when someone shares your landing page URL on social media. If you don't add a custom image, we’ll display your instructor image (added in the landing page builder).

Your social share images form people’s first impression about your course. We recommend using a Maven-branded social share image to demonstrate your credibility.

To upload your social share image, go to your course Settings and navigate to the Marketing section.

Once added, your social share image will also be displayed on your course certificates:

If you have any further questions or need additional support creating or uploading your custom course and social share images, please email [email protected]

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