• Share course recordings and resources via your course syllabus.

  • Organize your syllabus how you'd like.

  • Students will get access to the syllabus on your student portal open date.

Syllabus overview

The syllabus is where students go to find everything related to your course content. It can be organized by workshop, week, theme, or any other categorization that makes sense for your course. Each collection of items is called a module. In the screenshot below, module 1 is organized around introductory course information. The instructor has named module 1 "Start here: Orientation."

Once enrolled, students will be able to access the course syllabus on the student portal open date. If you need to, you can also share direct links to each syllabus module. You might want to let students know of a new resource you added or direct students to a session recording. To share a direct link to a specific module, copy the link from within the syllabus using the link icon. Here's a screenshot for reference:

Editing the syllabus

To build your syllabus, click on the "View in editor" button in the Syllabus tab of your course.

Here, you're able to:

  1. Add as many modules as you'd like.

  2. Give each module a specific name and description.

  3. Add resources, recordings, and projects to each module.

    1. Resources are links to articles and videos you want to share with students.

    2. Recordings can be of live sessions for students who couldn't attend or any other video link.

    3. Projects are assignments you create for students.

      *Right now, these are primarily links out to other sites. Over time, Maven will offer more content hosting inside the student portal. Keep looking for updates.

  4. Set release dates: these are when all the items in each module are available to students. You might want to release modules one day or week at a time to help students keep a certain pace.

  5. Reorder modules and the items within each as needed.

Here's a brief walk-through of the syllabus and editor. Watch to learn how and where to do each of the items discussed above. Remember, when you’re done creating your syllabus, click the Done Editing button in the top right corner of the syllabus editor.

If you have additional questions about building out your course syllabus, please reach out to [email protected].

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