• You'll create additional cohorts in your course Settings.

  • You can chose to show or hide additional cohorts on your landing page.

  • Displaying additional cohorts on your landing page gives students enrollment options.

Setting up another cohort

Your course will eventually have multiple cohorts. You can think of cohorts as sections or specific groups of students taking your course together. You might run a cohort of your course four times a year, or you might run it every month. You might eventually decide to run completely different courses, like a beginner, intermediate, and advanced version of your course. If you decide to run multiple courses, contact [email protected] and we can help you get them set up. When you're ready to set up additional cohorts, you'll do that in your course Settings.

In the top right corner of the screen, click the "+New cohort" button.

This will open a window where you can name your cohort and elect to copy your previous cohort syllabus or start a brand new syllabus.

Once your cohort is created, you'll be able to toggle to the new cohort's Settings to add your cohort dates and other important information.

You'll also toggle between cohorts in the Students, Events, and Syllabus tabs.

What's on your landing page?

Once your additional cohorts have dates and are open for enrollment, they'll show on your landing page. Additional cohorts that are on a waitlist will not show on your landing page. When you have multiple cohorts open for enrollment, potential students who visit your landing page will see the option to select a cohort.

Creating additional cohorts: FAQs

  1. Can I customize emails by cohort?

    1. You can customize the copy of your emails for your course. The copy will persist across cohorts. Use the suggested variables, like course dates, to personalize the emails for each cohort.

  2. Can I set different prices for my cohorts?

    1. No, you'll set a course price. Your landing page will show one price. If you want to offer specific discounts on each cohort, you can create discount codes.

  3. Can I create discount codes specific to each cohort?

    1. Your discount codes will be created at the course level. You can market specific discount codes to specific groups and you can add expiration dates to all your codes.

  4. Will students from all my cohorts have access to the same community?

    1. Right now the community is cohort-specific. You could create an alumni cohort and add all your alumni manually if you want them to all use the same community after their cohort ends.

  5. When should I set up and announce additional cohorts?

    1. You can set up additional cohorts as soon as you know the dates you'd like to run them. It's a great idea to plan out your year and make goals for each cohort. Many instructors continue marketing for subsequent cohorts during their current cohort.

  6. Can I set up a waitlist for each cohort?

    1. Right now the waitlist is for your course. It's not differentiated by cohort.

If you have any additional questions about setting up additional cohorts, please reach out to [email protected].

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