A central part of cohort-based courses is the work students do in between live workshops. Maven strongly recommends assigning projects during your cohort. They can be short 10-15 minute commitments where students prepare something for an upcoming workshop. Or, they can be intense group projects that push students to apply the big ideas they're learning in your course.

To make it easier for you to track projects, big and small, you can use the new Project Submissions feature in the syllabus.

What instructors see

Project setup

Within a module, you can create a Project where you have to add a project title, description, due date, and a link to the instructions for your project. Often this is a Google Doc or Notion page. Eventually we'll integrate instructions directly into Maven but for now it's a link.

Review student projects

Once students submit their projects, you can refer to your Submissions dashboard to see who has submitted their work. In the screenshot below, there are 2 projects in the course (in Module 1 and 4). With Module 1 selected, you can see 1 student has submitted a project and 87 have not. A link to the student's project is also included.

What students see

Students will see each project nested within each module. They can save their project link so it's easy to find later. When they're ready, they can click Submit with an optional note.

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