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All about the notifications Maven sends to help your students engage with your course materials

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  • If you set a due date on a lesson or project, Maven will send students an email the day before it's due.

  • If you have multiple items with the same upcoming due date, we will bundle all items due in the same email.

  • Leverage due dates to help your students engage with asynchronous materials and guide them toward completing class projects.

How to set a due date

In the Syllabus tab, you can set a due date on lessons and projects. We recommend leveraging due dates to help students stay on track to complete their work and achieve all the objectives for the course. You've thoughtfully designed educational material, and these notifications will help students engage with those materials and get even more out of your course.

On a lesson or project, just click the calendar icon to set a due date.

What gets sent to students

The day before a lesson and/or project is due, Maven will send an email to students who have not yet completed the item due. If multiple items are due within 24 hours, we'll bundle all items with the upcoming due date in one email.

Here's an example email:

We use all the information you've already added to your Syllabus, so you don't need to customize this email. The email will contain:

  1. Your course name (in the subject).

  2. The type of item due: lesson and/or project.

  3. The lesson and/or project title.

  4. The due date you've set. The time displayed is either the student's time zone (if they have one set in their Maven profile) or your time zone as a default if no student time zone is set.

Students can click on the lesson or project to go directly into Maven where they can complete their work.


  1. If I don't add a due date to projects or lessons, will anything be sent to students?

    1. No, emails will not be sent to students if you do not have a due date set.

  2. Who is the sender of the email?

    1. Maven is shown as the sender.

  3. Can students opt out of these emails?

    1. Yes, there is an unsubscribe button in each email.

  4. Can I turn these notifications off?

    1. If you do not want email notifications sent, you can opt out of setting a due date. Adding a due date is how these emails are turned on.

If you have further questions about student notifications, please reach out to [email protected].

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