• Give students an all-in-one view of your course

  • Prioritize course material that’s most important for students to access

  • Students will get access to the syllabus on your student portal open date.

Home overview

Home is where students go to find everything related to your course. It offers an at-a-glance view of course workshops and material, like videos and articles you want students to access.

Your Home section is populated by information you input in the Events and Syllabus section of your Admin and automatically organized by week to help guide students through your course.

Go to Events to create a schedule of live workshops.

Adding and editing course material

Your course is organized by modules. A module can represent a phase of your course, whether that’s around a specific live workshop or an entire week.

  1. Add as many modules as you like.

  2. Give each module a title, description, and start date. All modules will be accessible throughout the course by default but you can choose to gate access on a timeline in the “Show Content” dropdown.

  3. Add resources, recordings, and projects to each module. You can optionally add due dates to highlight specific items in the weekly schedule.

    • Resources are links to articles and videos you want to share with students.

    • Videos can be pre-made recordings, YouTube links, or any other video material you want students to watch. If you’ve set up auto-recordings, the recording will become available under the Event item on the schedule.

    • Projects are assignments you create for students. When students submit an assignment, you can have them post directly to #share-your-work in the Community so that other students can react and provide feedback.

    Below the weekly schedule, students will see all of the modules happening that week. Students can click to expand the module and see all the items within it.

    If you want to create a module that isn't a part of the weekly schedule, you can turn off the start date toggle and we'll feature it on the bottom of each week’s page in a “Bonus materials” section.

Once enrolled, students will be able to access Home on the student portal open date. If you need to, you can also share direct links to each module. You might want to let students know of a new resource you added or direct students to a session recording. To share a direct link to a specific module, copy the link from within the syllabus using the link icon. Here's a screenshot for reference:

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