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What's next after you publish your landing page?

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  • Your course will reviewed for listing on Maven's marketplace, when you get 50 leads on your waitlist or 5 paid enrollments.

  • When you publish your landing page, you can share the course URL to prospective students to enroll.

  • After publishing your landing page, announce your course. You do not need to wait to get listed on to announce your course.

How to get listed on the Maven Marketplace

Being listed on the Maven Marketplace is an exciting milestone to reach. is the biggest marketplace for live learning on the internet, and it surfaces top courses to thousands of students browsing each day.

Please complete these steps to be eligible for a listing on

  1. Show traction for your course by getting 50 leads on your waitlist or 5 paid enrollments. To get leads on your waitlist, launch your course interest survey. Learn more about the course interest survey here. You can also launch a lead magnet. Anyone who signs up to get your lead magnet is also added to your course waitlist.

  2. Publish your course landing page. You can now share your course URL with prospective students. You do not have to wait to get listed on to start driving people to your course.

  3. Upload your social share and course images in your Settings and landing page builders. The social share image is the preview image when you share on social media. The course image will be displayed on

  4. Open your cohort for enrollment in Settings. Your cohort needs to be open for enrollment to be listed on

When you've completed these steps, hooray! The Maven team will automatically do a quick review of your landing page - you do not need to reach out to us to request this review. We'll be looking at your page's quality, checking that all course images have been uploaded, and ensuring all steps have been successfully met. Once we review your page, you'll be listed on within 1-2 business days of completing the steps above. If any changes need to be made to your page before it's able to be listed, we'll reach out to you directly.

What happens after I publish my landing page?

After you publish your landing page, you can now share the course URL with prospective students. You can copy the course URL in your Settings.


  1. When you are listed, your course will be discoverable on the Maven Marketplace through topic categories or search. Being listed on is not the same as a feature in Maven emails or on social media.

  2. Maven's policies against plagiarism can be read in full here. If your course copies another courses' landing page language, syllabus content, or any other intellectual property of another instructor, it will be unpublished and remain unlisted on We actively review all courses ahead of listing to ensure originality.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have additional questions about being listed on

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