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All about the certificate students will receive when they complete your Maven course

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  • On the day after your cohort ends, Maven will send a certificate to all enrolled students.

  • Encourage students to share your course certificate to spread the word about your course.

  • Certificates can be added to LinkedIn, and shared as posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Maven certificates

When students complete your Maven course, they're proud of the artifacts they've produced and the learning they accomplished. Maven's certificates give them the opportunity to share about their learning with their networks, employers, and more.

Maven's certificates are also a great way to spread the word about the value of your course far and wide! When your students share to their networks, your audience grows as well.

How they work

On the day after the cohort end date set in your course settings, Maven will automatically issue certificates on your behalf to all enrolled students in your course. Below is a copy of the email that will be sent to students, customized for your course!

Example certificate

Remember, certificates will be customized for your students and your course! For students, we'll use the information they have entered on their Maven profile. For your course, we'll use your course image that you've uploaded in the hero section of your landing page builder and the current name of your course from your course settings.

Pro tip: before your cohort end date, ensure you are ready for the course image and your course name to be used on your course certificates!


  1. Can I customize who gets the certificate?

    1. Right now, all enrolled students will get the certificate. If you don't want specific students to get the certificate, you will need to remove them from your cohort.

  2. How can I confirm a student has received a certificate?

    1. Just email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to confirm that a certificate has been sent!

  3. What if I need to resend a certificate?

    1. We can do that for you! Email as at [email protected] with your request.

  4. I want to turn off certificates for my course. How do I do that?

    1. We strongly encourage the use of Maven certificates and we know they are a huge value-add for students. However, if you would like them turned off for your cohort, please email [email protected].

  5. Can I customize the certificate more?

    1. The customizable fields of the certificate are: your course name and course image (the image in the hero section of your landing page). Both can be adjusted in your course settings and landing page builder.

  6. Can I get a sample certificate for my course to use in promotional materials?

    1. Sure thing! Please email us at [email protected] with this request.

If you have any additional questions about Maven-issued certificates, please email us at [email protected].

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