• Edit the Email Capture section in your landing page editor to offer a lead magnet.

  • Update your waitlist campaign to automatically share your lead magnet when prospective students sign up.

Lead magnets are a free, value-add resource that you provide in exchange for email addresses. Examples of lead magnets include:

  • Curriculum or syllabus

  • PDF or brochure

  • Helpful template

  • How-to guide

  • E-book

  • Actionable worksheet

  • Checklist

  • Video

  • Free workshop or webinar

  • Email course

  • Free consultation

Here's how to offer a lead magnet on your landing page

  1. In your landing page editor, click on the "Email Capture" section.

  2. Edit the header text to offer your lead magnet. For example, you could say "Sign up to get a PDF of the curriculum" or "Sign up to receive an invitation to a free live workshop."

  3. Adjust the first email in your waitlist campaign to include your lead magnet.

Watch this brief demo on how to do this:

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