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Checklist: Publishing Your Landing Page
Checklist: Publishing Your Landing Page

What needs to be done before you publish your landing page?

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So you're ready to publish your landing page...what's next?

What do you need to do before you publish?

In the upper left corner of your course admin, you'll see a clickable "launch checklist." These are all items that need to be completed before you're able to publish your course landing page. Completing these items will help ensure your course has all the important information available for students when they come to your landing page and decide to enroll.

After you've created your account and built your landing page, you'll:

  1. Turn your applications on or off.

  2. Ensure all your important dates are set

  3. Integrate your Stripe account and set your course price

  4. Prepare any discount codes you'll need for marketing efforts

  5. Customize your automated emails and make sure they're toggled on

  6. Re-read your course landing page. Yes, you've reviewed it a million times. Take a deep breath, go into beginner's mindset and read it again. Does it make sense to someone who is visiting for the first time? Why should they consider your course?

  7. Hit "PUBLISH" in the landing page builder!

What happens after you publish?

Once you publish your landing page, you can share your course URL. You can grab your URL in your course settings. You can share your course URL as soon as you publish your landing page, even before you're listed on

Publishing FAQs

  1. I've published my landing page, but students still only see the option to join my waitlist?

    1. Be sure to open your course for enrollment.

  2. What if I want to change my course dates?

    1. You can do so in your course Settings, even after you publish your landing page.

  3. Can I show more than one cohort on my landing page?

    1. Yes, use the "new cohort" button in the top right corner of your Settings. As long as you have dates set, the cohort will show on your landing page.

  4. Can I make changes to my landing page after I publish it?

    1. Yes, you can. Just be sure to select "publish changes" in your landing page builder each time you're ready for the changes to go live.

  5. Can I share about more than one course on my landing page?

    1. No, any new courses will need a separate landing page.

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