• Use your landing page to continually collect emails of interested students.

  • The call to action (get notified, join today, apply today) on your landing page is adjusted in your cohort settings.

  • Active instructors post multiple cohort dates at time, with some cohorts open for enrollment and others building a waitlist.

What is waitlist mode

Even in between cohorts, your course landing page does some heavy lifting for you. You should continue to drive traffic to your course landing page in order to collect email addresses of interested students.

A single-field email input will show so interested students can hear from you about future cohorts.

How set your page to waitlist mode

Waitlist mode is controlled by a toggle in your course admin dashboard Cohort settings.

When this toggle is ON and you have cohort dates set in the future, your course is "live." Students can apply to your course if you have applications enabled or enroll in your course if you're using the instant pay model.

If this toggle is OFF, whether you have dates entered in your cohort settings or not, students will see the option to join the waitlist on your course landing page.

Using waitlist mode for multiple cohorts

Maven’s most active instructors always have one or two cohorts ready to publish. This toggle feature makes it easy for you to prepare and tease your next cohort without opening admissions right away. You can now show your next cohort’s dates while keeping your page in waitlist mode. It’ll look something like this:

If you have any additional questions about setting your page to waitlist mode, reach out to [email protected].

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