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Adding and editing a cohort application
Adding and editing a cohort application

Create an application form for your course.

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Application forms are a great way to understand who is interested in your course and curate your cohort. Maven's application builder does two jobs for you. First, it collects important information you want to know about your prospective students. And second, it uses your students' answers to create a profile for them once they've joined your course.

Read more about the benefits of using a course application and get more ideas of what you can ask students here. You can learn about how to admit students who've applied here.

How to turn on an application

To create an application form for your course, go to your Cohort Settings. There you'll have the option to turn on and edit your course application,

You can use applications on a cohort-by-cohort basis. If you'd like one of your cohorts to use an application, but not another, you can select which cohorts are using applications and which are not.

How to edit your application

Once you enable your application, select "Update Application" to edit the questions students are asked.

The application will come pre-populated with the following questions:

  1. Name (required)

  2. Preferred name (required)

  3. Time zone (optional)

  4. Job title (optional)

  5. Company name (optional)

  6. Twitter handle (optional)

  7. Linkedin URL (optional)

You can disable questions 3-7 if you prefer. And, you can add as many custom questions as you'd like after that.

The current question types available for your cohort applications are short answer, multiple choice, multiple select, and rating. You can choose whether responses are required or optional.

If you have any additional questions about creating a course application, reach out to [email protected].

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