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How to share that your course is open for enrollments to your waitlist and your audience
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  • When you open your course for enrollment, send an announcement email to your waitlist via the broadcast email feature. Please note that Maven will not send an automated email to your waitlist.

  • Announce your course to your network or audience.

  • Gain traction so you can be listed on

How to announce to your waitlist

First, ensure your cohort is open for enrollment

If you've collected an interest list through a course interest survey, be sure to import these students. Once imported, these students will appear in your Maven waitlist.

To open your cohort for enrollments, toggle ON "Open cohort for enrollment" in your course settings.

Before announcing your cohort, double check your landing page in an incognito browser window:

✅ Course dates (start date, end date, etc.)

✅ Price

✅ Test a discount code (tip: try to apply it to the checkout page in an incognito window)

✅ Check that your call-to-action button says Apply or Enroll (tip: here's how to adjust your CTA if needed)

✅ Check the copy of your automated enrolled and enrolled free emails.

Once you've checked these settings, you're ready to announce.

Announce to your waitlist using the broadcast feature

To email your waitlist, click the "New email" button in the top right of the Emails tab. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to email your students.

Feel free to use this announcement template:

Subject: Announcement: ___ is open!

Hi {{ StudentName }},

I am happy to finally share the official announcement for {{ CourseName }} with all of you.

If you are a {target student} who is {trying to achieve a goal}, I’d love for you to join us!

Learning how to {do desired things} is overwhelming. {Describe why it is overwhelming in real, visceral terms. Why does it make the student pull out their hair in frustration?}. It can be daunting when you are doing it alone.

In this course, you get hands-on experience on how to {do and create things to achieve your goal}. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers to learn and build together. You will also {state other benefits like guest lectures, specific topics}.

You walk away with {concrete outcome} that you can {use for your benefit}. Best of all, you will have {benefits of a community}.

What’s in the course:

  • List out features/benefits (e.g., 4 interactive live workshops, weekly office hours) or learning objectives (e.g., how to…)

To review the detailed syllabus and schedule, please visit this page: {course landing page}.

Only {X} seats in this cohort. I recommend joining soon. Enrollments close on {date}.

{Your name}

P.S. If you have questions, just hit reply. These emails go to my personal inbox. Happy to chat and answer your questions.

How to announce on social media

Once you've emailed your waitlist, the next step is to share the news to your social media followers, mailing list, and close networks, etc. You should make a list of the distribution channels where you’re able to reach your target student. For many of you, it will be LinkedIn and your circle of professional connections. For others, it will be newsletters, communities, industry groups, etc.

Here are some tips from the Maven team on how to announce on social media:

Tips for posting on Twitter

Do 👍

Don't 👎

Write a thread summarizing your course: why you built it, who it’s for, key outcomes, what you’ll get, finally link to your page. Example: Brandon Zhang's Makers Mark

Don't add a link in your first tweet or post. Twitter deprioritizes these posts

Ask your friends and network to boost it by replying, like, and retweeting

Don't use a lot of tags and hashtags

Link to your course in the last tweet of a thread

Include testimonials and social proof

Tips for posting on LinkedIn

Do 👍

Don't 👎

Write a strong hook (the first 5 lines). Here are examples of good hooks:

  • "If you want to X, I have exciting news to share". Example: Wes Kao

  • Share a framework. Example: Diego Granados

  • Share a story about a friend or client. Example: Justin Welsh

Don't worry about adding an image or video. High-quality, value-add content matters much more than whether or not you include an image. It’s not make or break either way.

LinkedIn rewards longer posts that encourage readers to click “Show More”

Don't use a lot of tags and hashtags

Share your link in the body of your post as a PS (at the end of the post)

Ask your friends and network to boost it by replying, like, and retweeting

Post in the morning on a weekday

Include testimonials and social proof


  1. Will Maven send any automatic notifications to my waitlist if I change dates, open the course for enrollments, change the price, etc.?

    1. No automatic emails are triggered to your waitlist when you take any of these actions in your settings. The only automated email is when someone joins your waitlist in the waitlist email campaign.

  2. Can I include a discount code to my waitlist when I announce my course?

    1. You can absolutely offer a discount. Here's how to set it up. We recommend setting an expiration date for the coupon code to drive urgency to enroll.

  3. I don't see my waitlist as an option to email. How do I email them?

    1. In the New Broadcast Email feature, select the drop down under Send to

If you have any further questions about how to announce your course, please email [email protected].

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