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Free resources (aka lead magnets) are value-adding resources you provide in exchange for emails. Here's how to offer one on Maven.

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  • Use free resources to drive potential students to your waitlist in Maven.

  • Add value in public and sell in private.

  • Add your free resource in the Lead magnets tab of your course dashboard.

  • Get a shareable link directly to your free resource.

  • Surface your free resource on your landing page.

Free resources: what and why?

Free resources (aka lead magnets) are value-adding resources you provide in exchange for emails. Free resources will communicate your credibility and content knowledge for your students and generate increased interest in your course. They'll allow you to add value in public and help build your course interest list.

Examples of lead magnets include:

  • PDFs or brochures

  • Helpful templates

  • How-to guides

  • eBooks

  • Actionable worksheets

  • Checklists

  • Videos

  • Pre-recorded webinars

  • Email courses

  • Free consultations

How to offer a free resource on Maven

  1. Click "New lead magnet" in the top bar of the Lead magnets tab of your course.

  2. Edit the lead magnet title, description, the call to action, and your instructor information and credibility.

  3. Add the link to your lead magnet ("resource link"). Right now, you'll share a link to your lead magnet that's hosted externally from Maven (ex. in Google Drive) - be sure to check the sharing permissions to make sure anyone can use the link!

  4. Add media (an image) to the lead magnet page.

  5. Click "edit email" to preview the email students will get after they sign up for your lead magnet.

  6. Anyone who signs up to download your lead magnet will be added to your waitlist (which you can find in your "Students" tab)

Watch a brief demo on how to do this:

Getting started with a free resource

The best free resource is one you already have! Here's some ideas for what you can offer as a free resource on Maven:

  1. Turn one of your course lessons into a one-pager PDF.

  2. Share a link to a pre-recorded webinar or sample lesson.

  3. Provide one of your frameworks templates.

  4. Offer a registration link for a free workshop.

  5. Provide a Calendly link to sign up for a 15 minute consultation with you.

Adding a free resource to your landing page

As students browse your landing page, they may want to learn a little more about you, your content, or the course. Surfacing a free resource on your page allows students to see your content, an excerpt from your course, etc., and allows you to capture their interest even if they aren't yet ready to enroll.

We observed that the most effective free resources are “free previews” for your course, such as a free lesson or workshop recording. To help students discover these previews, add a lead magnet to your course landing page.

Here's how:

  1. Visit the lead magnet section to your landing page or add a new section by clicking "+new section" on the left hand navigation menu

  2. Select an existing lead magnet or create a new one

  3. Publish your landing page

What's the student experience?

When someone signs up for your free resource, three things will happen:

First, they'll see a page that confirms they've signed up for the lead magnet. This page will also encourage them to check out your course landing page to dig deeper on your content:

Then, they'll get an email with the option to access your free resource:

Finally, they will get added to your course waitlist. They will not receive the automated waitlist email campaigns, but they will get broadcast emails you send to the waitlist moving forward and they will receive the cohort launch campaign when you open your cohort for enrollments.

If you need further support creating a free resource on Maven, please email [email protected].

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