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How to download Zoom attendance reports and chat log

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  • A step-by-step guide on downloading and using Zoom attendance reports and the chat logs to identify your highly engaged and at-risk students

Benefits of using Zoom attendance reports and chat logs

When you teach, you’ll be in the zone–interacting with prospective students and presenting your best material. You won’t have time to track who’s there and who’s engaging in the Zoom chat. Why are these important to know? You'll help facilitate a lively cohort community by reaching out to disengaged or absent students to help them catch up and celebrating publicly your most engaged students.

That’s where Zoom reports and chat logs become so useful. Downloading these reports helps to identify your engaged and disengaged students.

How to access Zoom reports

Step 1: Download the Zoom attendance report at https://zoom.us/account/report/user. Click on the number of participants (in blue).

Check the box “Show unique users.”

Step 2: Download the chat log to see where students were most energized. Before your workshop, make sure you’re saving the chat log in your Cloud recording settings.

Once the recording is posted, download the chat log from https://zoom.us/recording.

How to leverage Zoom reports

Once you've downloaded these reports, you can analyze them to identify:

  • Who are your most engaged students (attended every workshop, active in the chat)? Tip: publicly celebrate these students in your Maven community to keep engagement high.

  • Who is disengaged (frequently absent, and when they attend they stay silent)? Tip: DM these students in your Maven community to help them better engage.

  • What common questions do you want to highlight next time? Tip: Post these in the community to solicit discussion, or address it in your next workshop.

  • Identify positive comments that become testimonials. Tip: Zoom chat log is a goldmine of positive feedback.

  • When students were lost or confused. Tip: Use this to improve your content.

More tips about engaging your students

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If you still have questions about Zoom reports or chat logs, please reach out to [email protected] for more help.

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