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Setting up your Lightning Lesson in Maven
Setting up your Lightning Lesson in Maven

How to get your free event set up in your Maven admin dashboard

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  • ⚡️ The Lightning Lesson product is currently in beta. To request access, please create a Maven account and then apply to join the beta.

  • Create your Lightning Lesson under the "Free lessons" tab in Maven.

  • Build your Lightning Lesson landing page in Maven.

  • Collect registrations, create the event invite, share recordings, and build your waitlist in Maven.

Creating your sign-up page in Maven

Go to the Free lessons tab in your course. From there, select the "Create a free lesson" button:

Then, you'll have access to a Lightning Lesson landing page, which will function very similarly to Maven's landing page builder.

Here's a short video from the Maven team that explains how to:

  1. Get your Lightning Lesson set up.

  2. Get a shareable link for your lesson.

  3. Share the recording with students.

  4. Leverage Maven's tools for event reminders.

What you'll see in Maven

Once your Lightning Lesson page is public and visible for enrollments, you'll see:

  • The registration list by name (optional) and email.

  • Options to email your registrants (before and after the lesson).

  • A space to set up a promo code that will shared in the automated follow up email to participants.

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