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Selection of featured Lightning Lessons

How Lightning Lessons are selected to be featured on Maven's website

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How we select Lightning Lessons to be featured on Maven

Maven's featured Lightning Lessons are curated by our Marketing team. We feature the most popular & trending Lightning Lessons. A limited number of lessons are featured each week, so being selected is not guaranteed.

Once your lesson page is published, you can start promoting it and get signups immediately. You do not need to be featured by Maven to host and promote your lesson.

Here is what the Marketing team will take into account when selecting Lightning Lessons to be featured:

  • The lesson already has significant traction (minimum 50 registrations)

  • The lesson page uses Maven's Lightning Lesson image template

  • The copy is concise, compelling and free of spelling errors. Some examples of clear and concise copy: Wes Kao, Annie Duke, Ryan Scott

  • The topic is relevant and compelling to our Maven audience of mid-career professionals in tech & business

Please note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be featured.


  1. Can I share the link to my Lightning Lesson even if I'm not featured by Maven?

    1. Yes! Once you publish your lesson page on Maven, you can begin accepting registrations.

  2. Can I make adjustments to my Lightning Lesson after I publish?

    1. You can make minor adjustments, but we ask that you don't change your topic or lesson takeaways too much, especially after students have already signed up.

    2. Keep in mind that changing the time or date after publication will be an inconvenience to everyone who has already signed up. If you absolutely have to to reschedule, you can update the date on Maven and publish again. Your registrants will get updated calendar invites and an email notification. Do NOT delete the event in Zoom.

  3. Will my Lightning Lesson be included in emails to students?

    1. If you are selected to be featured, your Lightning Lesson is also eligible to be included in our student email, but not guaranteed. Our algorithm considers the top trending (based on the number of signups) Lightning Lessons starting soon.

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