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Guide to successfully market your Lightning Lesson
Guide to successfully market your Lightning Lesson

Templates written by the Maven marketing team to promote your Lightning Lesson

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  • Give yourself 2-3 weeks to promote your lesson

  • Use Maven's marketing timeline & templates below

Marketing Timeline

We recommend giving yourself at least 2 weeks to promote your lesson and get sign ups. Here's a sample marketing timeline:

Sample timeline

Actions (Templates below)

2 weeks before lesson

  • Share on social media

  • Share with your newsletter or waitlist

1 week before lesson

  • Share in a community

  • Share in your company chat (Slack/Teams)

2 days before lesson

  • "Last call" reminder on social media

After your lesson (check out this help article)

  • Email your registrants

  • Share the recording on social media

Marketing Templates

2 weeks before: Announce on social


  • Write a standalone post on LinkedIn and X

  • For LinkedIn, put your link in the body (not a comment - LinkedIn tends to hide author's comments). For X, put your link in the final tweet.

  • Encourage comments on your posts by asking a question. Make sure you engage with people who comment to drive reach. This will also help you get a sense of how people are reacting to your topic so you can refine your lesson content,

  • Remove the social preview image that pops up when you create the post by clicking “x” on the top right corner of the photo. This makes the post feel less like marketing & more like content. Here’s an example.

  • Tag the correct Maven! X = MavenHQ. LinkedIn = Maven

  • Examples:

I’m doing a free 30 minute workshop on @Maven about how to [TOPIC] for [AUDIENCE]. You’ll learn:

- [learning outcome #1]

- [learning outcome #2]

- [learning outcome #3]

Join LIVE on [DATE]! RSVP here (it’s free): [LINK]

What would you like to know about [TOPIC]? Comment below!

2 weeks before: Email your newsletter/waitlist


  • How to email your waitlist from Maven:

    • Click here

    • Click “New Broadcast”

    • Click the “Send to” dropdown and select Waitlist

    • If you have multiple courses, repeat for each course

  • Add a link to your Lightning Lesson in your Cohort launch campaign and your Abandoned payment campaign.

Subject: Join me for a free Lightning Lesson on [DATE]

Hey all,

I’m teaching a 30-min Lightning Lesson on May 14th about [TOPIC]. I'll cover:

- [learning outcome #1]

- [learning outcome #2]

- [learning outcome #3]

Join me live on [DATE & TIME]: (it's free): [LINK]


PS My new cohort of [COURSE NAME] is now open for enrollment! The cohort runs from [DATES] with [X] interactive live sessions. Join me and fellow leaders from companies like [COMPANIES] and more. Check out my detailed curriculum here: [LINK]

If you have any questions, just hit reply!

1 week before: Share in a community

💡 TIP: Brainstorm of a list of communities (Slack/Discord) that you’re a part of who might be interested in your Lightning Lesson. Post in the appropriate channel!

Hey [COMMUNITY NAME] community 👋, I’m teaching a free 30 minute workshop on Maven about how to [TOPIC] for [AUDIENCE]. If you or a friend are interested in joining, RSVP here: [YOUR LINK]. Happy to answer questions in this thread!

1 week before: Share in your company chat

💡 TIP: Share a short note about your lesson in your company Slack/Teams. Some folks do it directly in a topic or functional channel, and some people ask their L&D team to share for them. Do whatever feels right, and don't be shy. Many instructors tell us how rewarding it was for them both personally and professionally to step up and share their unique knowledge with their immediate network and to help others learn.

Cool news - I’m teaching a free 30 minute workshop on Maven about how to [TOPIC] for [AUDIENCE]. It's happening [DATE & TIME] - sign up here if you'd like to join me: [LINK]

I'll be sharing key ideas that have helped me successfully...

  • Bullets from your lesson

  • Bullets from your lesson

  • Bullets from your lesson

Feel free to share with anyone in your team that may be interested!

3 days before: Last call on social media

💡 Examples: Julie Zhou, David Freitag

[XXX] people have already registered for my FREE workshop this week on @Maven about [TOPIC]. My goal is to give you practical tools to help you accelerate your work immediately.

[3-5 lines on “why this topic matters”]

RSVP for tomorrow (it's free): [LINK]

Comment below if I’ll see you there!

How Maven selects Lightning Lessons to feature

Maven's featured Lightning Lessons are curated by our Marketing team to showcase our most popular & trending Lightning Lessons. A limited number of lessons are selected each week. Read more about how we select Lightning Lesson here.

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