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Best practices and resources for writing compelling copy on your landing page

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  • Your landing page sells your course. Make it easy for students to get the necessary information with concise and compelling language.

  • The best instructors continue to iterate on their landing page copy even after they've published their pages.

  • Pull students' language from the survey responses or 1:1 calls and use it on the landing page to speak directly to them!

Copywriting best practices

Do 👍

Don't 🚫

State your students' challenges and help them envision the transformation they can experience in your course.

Avoid cheesy marketing terms like “supercharge,” “10x,” or “unleash.”

Repeat hot keywords, especially when you know they resonate with students.

Avoid superlatives like "best," "works every time," and "most effective."

Use sentence case. (Sentence case looks like this, Title Case Looks Like This)

Add too many emojis, which can detract from the rigor of your course.

Overpromise outcomes.

Write concisely to make your content easy to understand. Read and re-read your landing page multiple times and cut unnecessary words each time.

Rely on huge text blocks to communicate information.

Use a tone and visuals that show your personality and unique voice.

Try to guess what resonates with students. Use your survey responses and student interviews to shape your copy!

Ensure your grammar and spelling are correct.

Leverage bullet points and short sentences to make your content scannable.

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