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Mid-course survey
Mid-course survey

How to leverage Maven's automatic mid-course survey to gather feedback from your students

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  • Maven automatically sends an email halfway through your cohort to collect early student feedback.

  • Student responses to the survey remain private only to you.

  • The survey is templated and ready to send, but you can customize and edit it as needed.

  • Use the responses to adjust your content and instruction to ensure you meet the needs of the specific group of students in your cohort.

The mid-course survey

We know that the final ratings and reviews on your course are invaluable. They help you improve, market, and differentiate your course. Maven automatically sends a post-course survey to help you collect this feedback, and we've now added a mid-course survey to help you gather early student feedback as well. This mid course survey will help you:

  1. Assess student learning and know where to adjust your content and instruction as needed to ensure students walk away achieving the course outcomes.

  2. Gather early feedback ahead of the post-course survey to help you address any potential concerns and ensure student satisfaction.

We've designed a templated survey that will automatically send on your behalf, so there isn't anything you need to do to prepare for the survey. However, we recommend that you edit the templated questions or add your own questions to get even more specific feedback on your course.

You can locate the survey from your Syllabus or Survey tabs. Once you enter the Surveys tab, you'll edit the survey just as you would your course interest and end of course surveys. When students provide their responses to your survey, you'll see them in the Surveys tab of your course. You'll be able to download the responses to dig in further.

The student experience

At the halfway point of your cohort, we'll automatically send an email to all enrolled students who have not yet completed the survey asking for their feedback. They'll get an email like this:

From there, students can provide their early feedback for on your course. Their responses will help show you what's going well and what you might want to adjust before the cohort ends and for future cohorts.

Students will also see a link to the mid-course survey in your course Syllabus.

The templated questions include:

  1. How is the course going so far? (Scale of 1-10)

  2. What's been working well? (Open text)

  3. What would you change? (Open text)

You can add your own custom questions or adjust any of the templated questions to gather more specific feedback. Student responses to these feedback questions will remain private and will only be visible by you.


  1. If my course is only 2 days long, do you send a survey?

    1. We won't send a survey if your course is 2 days or shorter, but you can elect to make the survey visible to students on your course Home by turning the survey on. By default, if your course is 2 days or less, the survey will be turned off.

  2. Is the mid-course survey optional?

    1. The survey will automatically send and be visible to students. If you want to disable the survey, you can turn it off in the Survey editing screen.

  3. Who can see the responses to the mid-course survey? Will they be publically visible?

    1. Only you can see the responses to the mid-course survey. Student responses are not tied to your ratings, reviews, or any public testimonials.

If you have any further questions about the mid-course survey, please reach out to [email protected].

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