Your end of course survey is a critical part of wrapping up your cohort.

While we encourage you to collect feedback throughout your course, a post-course survey should be considered a must.

There's a universal truth about forms in general: the longer they are, the less likely the audience is to complete it. You have to find the balance between encouraging many students to fill it out but not asking too much of their time.

When you're crafting your post-course survey, consider:

  • How can you get actionable feedback from students that will help you build your next cohort?

  • How can you elicit testimonials that you can use in future course marketing efforts?

Here are the 5 questions we suggest you start with.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer your friend or colleague to this course? Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great baseline measurement that you can compare across all cohorts in the future. OR Product-market fit: a great question used in the tech world to assess product-market fit is "how would you feel if you could no longer participate in this course?" Very disappointed / Somewhat disappointed / Not disappointed.

  2. Please elaborate on your previous answer. If the previous answer was positive, this often prompts strong testimonial language from the student. If neutral or negative, there's often enough detail to give you some actions to take for your next cohort.

  3. How would you rate the value of the following components of your course? This matrix-style answer is an easy way for students to highlight to you the parts of your course they enjoyed most. Answers here will provide insight into what you need to amplify, edit, or cut.

  4. What topics do you have a better understanding in now that you've completed the course? This gives you valuable insight into where student transformation took place. It's a great source to help you craft better marketing messaging.

  5. What topics are you still unsure about? What could be clarified further? Understand what students are still questioning after your course.

Every course is different and we encourage you to shorten or lengthen your post-course survey depending on what you need to learn from your students to make the next cohort even better.

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