• An automated, customizable survey will go out to students on the last day of your cohort.

  • These surveys will help you gather student feedback and testimonials.

  • Sharing your survey link during the last session of your cohort can help maximize responses.

Survey timing and questions

On the day your cohort ends, students will receive a survey asking them about your cohort. The survey comes pre-made with suggested questions. Question 1 cannot be edited or deleted, but the remaining questions can. Additional questions can be added and marked required or optional.

Here are the pre-populated questions:

  1. How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend or colleague? (required)

  2. What's the most important thing you've taken away from this course?

  3. Maven asks, on your behalf, whether the positive comment can be used for a testimonial on your course landing page. If the student agrees, they have an opportunity to edit the testimonial and add their name and title.

  4. How can we improve this course?

To add more questions to the end of course survey, use the "edit course survey" button. You'll find it in the top right corner of the Surveys tab.

You can add the following question types. You'll be able to customize the questions and the answer choices.

Sharing your survey with students

The survey will automatically be emailed to students on the final day of your cohort. If you want to turn this survey off, please reach out to [email protected].

Pro tip: share your course link in your final live workshop. To maximize the number of students who provide feedback (and valuable testimonials), give students 5 minutes in your final live workshop to complete the survey. Just copy the survey link in your Admin and paste it into Zoom chat for students to complete.

Using survey results

The preliminary survey Maven sends is a great opportunity to segment your alumni. Your post-cohort surveying doesn't have to stop there.

Once you see all the students who have rated your course 9/10 or 10/10, you know who your biggest fans are. Consider sending a follow-up survey or email asking them for more testimonial material like a recorded video. Jumping on a call with them after the course is a great way to get even more feedback.

For those scoring your course 8/10 and under, consider sending a more detailed survey to dive deeper into what they would have liked to see.

If you have any additional questions about end of course surveys, reach out to [email protected].

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