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Connecting your Syllabus to your landing page
Connecting your Syllabus to your landing page

How and why to display your Syllabus to prospective students on your course landing page

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  • Maximize the work you do by creating your course Syllabus with the new connected syllabus section on your landing page. The modules, lessons, and projects you add in the Syllabus tab will also be visible on your course landing page.

  • Courses that convey impact and rigor in their landing pages convert better. Showing a more detailed, realistic view of the course syllabus helps with this.

Adding your syllabus to your landing page

At the top of your landing page editor, you will see a banner that allows you to opt in to the ✨ New Version option for the syllabus.

You'll be able to preview the new view in the editor and via the preview link. When you're ready, publish your landing page and the new version of your page with a connected syllabus will be publicly visible. Once you publish your landing page with the new connected syllabus, any changes you make in the Syllabus tab of your course admin will automatically be reflected on your landing page. Re-publishing of your landing page is not required.

Which cohort syllabus gets shown on my landing page?

By default, we show the syllabus for your most recent, upcoming cohort. If you have multiple upcoming cohorts, we will also display the syllabus for those cohorts. If you have no upcoming cohorts, we default to showing the syllabus for your cohort with the most recently ended payment deadline.

How can I hide my syllabus modules as well as my module lessons and projects?

This landing page version of your syllabus displays your cohort events and syllabus modules. However, for your module lessons and projects, we only show their titles and descriptions. We do not display any of your lesson and project content. There is also a preview option for your module items so that you can choose which ones you want viewed by prospective students on your landing page.

To hide a syllabus module's items, set a release date for the syllabus module and the lessons and projects within this module will no longer be displayed on your landing page syllabus. Even after the release date has passed, these module items will not be shown on your landing page syllabus.

How can I show my live session events in the syllabus and on my landing page?

In your course admin, go to the Events page. After you edit or add events to your cohort, publish these changes and your new events should be automatically reflected on your syllabus. Only published events will show in your syllabus and on your landing page.


  1. I want to make sure my course is compelling to potential students. How many lessons should I have in my syllabus?

    1. We recommend at least 1 lesson per module, and you should build the modules around your course objectives. We suggest that each module have at least one lesson and one project.

  2. What if I don't want my syllabus to show at all on my landing page?

    1. The Syllabus section cannot be hidden on your landing page. We strongly believe that showing a syllabus will help students see the value of your course, and we have seen that landing pages without a syllabus tend to convert less than landing pages with a syllabus. Students are interested in seeing not only what they will learn in your course, but also how they will learn the key outcomes. Keep in mind that you can hide specific modules under a module release date.

  3. Does my pre-course module show on the landing page?

    1. No, only modules, lessons, and projects starting in week 1 of the course will show.

If you have further questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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