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Importing an external waitlist
Importing an external waitlist

Adding students to your Maven waitlist

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  • Before your course landing page is live and published, share a course interest survey to your network to help you build a waitlist.

  • If you use Maven's survey tool, you do not need to import students. If you run a survey using an external tool like Typeform, Google forms, etc., Maven staff can import the emails you collect as your waitlist.

  • Use Maven's email campaigns and custom broadcast emails to communicate updates about your course with your waitlist.

How to import students

Once you have a waitlist to import:

  1. Update or turn off your waitlist email campaign in Maven. Imported students will get these emails by default. If you turn the emails off, imported students and students who join the waitlist via your landing page will not receive them.

  2. Email [email protected] with the following:

    1. Your course landing page (or preview) link.

    2. A CSV of only the first names (optional) and emails (required) of students who will be added to your waitlist. At this time, we can only import first names and emails. First names are optional.

    3. Confirmation that you've received permission to send emails about your course to these students.

After emailing [email protected], please allow 2 business days for us to import your students. We'll send you a confirmation email when these students have been added to your waitlist.


  1. Will imported students show in my overall waitlist numbers?

    1. Yes! The current requirements to be listed on include having a certain number of students on your waitlist. Importing students will count toward that requirement.

  2. Will students receive a confirmation email that they've joined my course waitlist?

    1. If your waitlist emails are turned ON in Maven, students will receive an email. They'll get the first email that's turned on in the waitlist campaign. If your emails are turned OFF, students will not receive any emails from Maven until you send them a broadcast email or open your course for enrollments.

  3. Does Maven recommend that I keep the waitlist campaign emails on?

    1. Yes! We recommend that you customize the emails in the waitlist campaign to your course and audience. The waitlist email campaigns will help keep students in the know about your course.

  4. What if I want to import the waitlist, but I'm not ready to send any emails? Can I send the emails later?

    1. This is possible. Please email us at [email protected] when you're ready for any imported students to receive the emails.

  5. Should I import students before my landing page is published and live?

    1. This is up to you. We'd recommend having at least a basic version of your landing page ready shortly after you import students so you can include links to the landing page in the waitlist campaign emails. However, not having a published landing page does not prevent you from uploading students.

  6. If I learn a student's first name after I've imported the list, can I get their name added?

    1. At this time we are not able to edit a student's profile on your request. Once students create their own Maven profile, they can update their preferred and full names.

  7. Why do some students' first names not show in my waitlist, even though I shared them in the CSV to import?

    1. This happens when students already have a Maven profile, but may not have a preferred name added. The information in Maven's system overrides your import. Students can adjust this by logging into their Maven account and adding their preferred name.

  8. Will these imported students get an automatic email when my course is opened for enrollments?

    1. Yes, they will receive any emails you have turned on in the cohort launch campaign. Read more about how the campaign works here. At any time, even before you open your course for enrollments, you can send a broadcast email to your entire waitlist as well.

If you have additional questions about the waitlist, check out this help article.

If you have any other questions about importing your waitlist, please email [email protected].

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