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Enrolled email template
Enrolled email template

Customize your Enrolled or Enrolled Free email and write a warm welcome to your new students

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  • Customize your Enrolled email to make it warm and welcoming—this is an exciting moment for your student

Before you enroll your first student, customize your "Enrolled" and "Enrolled Free" emails within Maven, which are automatically sent to students after they pay. Your students expect to get a warm welcome from you, so make it count and give them all the information they need to feel prepared and excited.

🔖 Template for "Enrolled" welcome email

{{ doublebrackets }} = custom fields within Maven emails

{ single bracket and bold } = fields you need to fill in

Subject: Congratulations! You’re enrolled in {{ CourseName }}

Hey {{ StudentName }},

Congratulations—you're in! You've just joined the next cohort of {{ CourseName }} course starting {{ CohortStartDate }}.

I'm {your name}, creator of {{ CourseName }} and {brief credibility}. I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of your incredible {X-week/day/month} journey as you learn how to {Key outcome}. In doing so, you'll be able to {overcome a struggle / achieve a transformation}. I cannot wait to get to know you.

Let's dive into the fun stuff. Here are a few first steps that you should do to get the most out of your experience:

STEP 1: Calendar invites

You’ll receive calendar invites as soon as I have all dates confirmed—this should be within the next few days. We’ll meet live {X times a week} on {Days of the week}. And I may throw in a bonus sessions from time to time if needed.

All sessions are recorded and automatically uploaded into your Maven Home. If you don't receive calendar invites within a week, please email me at {your email} and I'll look into it.

STEP 2: Your Maven Home

The Maven Home is where you’ll access the community, content, including pre-reading materials, and workshop replays. Log in to the Maven site at {{ CourseLink }} starting {{ PortalOpenDate }}, and use the login credentials you used to register.

Bookmark this page: {{ CourseLink }}

STEP 3: What to expect from me

I’ll be your guide throughout this journey, so if you need to reach me, please email me at {your email}. I'll also be in the Maven community throughout the day. So ask a lot of questions in the #questions channel because everyone benefits from reading the answers to each other's questions.

Add my email to your address book: {your email}

STEP 4: Reimbursement

Many students are able to get this course reimbursed by their employer. If you want to take advantage of your L&D budget, here are instructions and an email template:

Joining this course is a huge step for you to level up as a {ideal student role}. I'm here to help you every step of the way, so please reach out with any questions.

Please reply back so I know you received this. See you soon!

{Your name}

PS Learning is always more fun with friends! Know someone who would be a great fit for this cohort? Reply back to me, or have them fill out my interest form: {insert link to your Course Interest Survey}

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