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Bulk enrollments

A guide for collecting payments and enrolling multiple students at once

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  • Through Stripe and manual enrollments, Maven supports enrolling multiple students at once.

  • Maven's fee is not automatically collected when bulk enrollment purchases are made.

  • Please email [email protected] when you enroll multiple students using this method.

B2B (or similar) sales

Through your partnerships and during your cohort sales period, you may get requests to enroll multiple students at once. Maven instructors often run cohorts for entire teams at businesses, and it's a much lower friction experience for these businesses to pay for their employees' seats at one time.

On your landing page, there is a link prospective students can use to submit a request for bulk seat purchases. These requests come to the Maven team, and we'll loop you in so you can chat with business on their bulk seat needs.

In the future, we'll build the option to enroll multiple students via your course landing page. For now, we're able to support these enrollments via two features we already have integrated and built: 1) Stripe invoices and 2) manually adding students to your Maven course.

Since bulk enrollments are not processed through your course landing page, Maven's fee is not automatically collected. When you process bulk enrollments, please email [email protected] and let us know:

  1. The name of the entity paying Maven (your name or your business name)

  2. The above entity's billing address (your address or your business address)

  3. Email to send the invoice to

  4. Purchasing company name (the company that paid for a bulk enrollment in your course)

  5. Price per seat

  6. Number of seats sold

  7. Cohort number and dates

Based on the above information, we can generate an invoice for the Maven fee. You'll be able to pay Maven's 10% of the bulk enrollment amount via credit card at the end of your cohort.

How to collect payments

Through Stripe, set up an invoice.

1. Navigate to the sidebar of your Stripe dashboard. Click More+.

2. Click Invoices.

3. Create or find an existing customer. Usually, this will be the person you're billing. Under Items, either select your course product or create a new price. Here you'll also select how many seats you're selling.

4. After the correct information as been added to your invoice, click Review invoice. A pop up screen will appear where you can enter the email of the person you're billing.

Once you send the invoice, the recipient will receive it and can pay immediately. After the invoice has been paid, you'll see it under your Payments tab in Stripe.

Enrolling multiple students

Once the invoice has been paid, you'll manually add the students to your course. In the Students tab of your course, click +add user near the top right of your screen.

From there, enter the students' name and email. Be sure to add them as "enrolled."

Bulk enrollment FAQs

  1. Do manually enrolled students get an email notifying them of their enrollment?

    1. Yes, they do! As long as it's toggled ON, they'll receive the "enrolled for free" automatic email. The {{courselink}} variable included in this email will prompt students to create their Maven account to access your course materials.

  2. I manually added the student, but they aren't showing up in my course dashboard. What do I do?

    1. You might have added them as a status other than "enrolled." Please email [email protected] for help.

  3. Manually added students aren't showing up in the "people" section of the course community. Do I need to do anything to get them into Maven?

    1. They just haven't created their Maven profile yet. As long as you see them under "enrolled" in the Students tab of your course, they've been correctly added. You can send them the direct link to your course community to create their profile if you'd like. Note: make sure you only send this on or after your student portal open date!

  4. Can I create multiple invoices for one cohort?

    1. Yes, you can create as many invoices as needed for each cohort.

  5. What if I want to run a completely private cohort?

    1. This is possible! Just create a cohort in your course settings and keep it closed for enrollments. Since you're manually adding students and collecting payment via Stripe invoices, the cohort doesn't need to show as an option on your landing page.

If you need further support enrolling multiple students at once, please email [email protected]

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