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Automated emails for instant pay courses
Automated emails for instant pay courses

Learn the emails available for your course if you're not using an application

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  • To make payment and enrollment as smooth as possible, Maven offers customizable emails that automatically send to students when they've started to pay and once they've secured their enrollment.

  • If you're not using an application (instant pay model), the Application and Acceptance emails are off by default.

Automated emails for instant pay courses

The automated emails for courses that do not use applications are:

  1. Waitlisted - sent to students who sign up for your waitlist.

  2. Abandoned payment - a series of 3 emails sent to anyone who starts to pay, but does not complete their enrollment.

  3. Enrolled for Free - sent to anyone you enroll into your course for free (often used for enrolling supporting staff or scholarship recipients).

  4. Enrolled - sent to anyone who has paid for your course.

Customize your emails

Your emails are on by default but you can easily toggle them on and off depending on the what's right for you. When you click into each email, you'll have the opportunity to edit your email templates. Use the available variables to personalize the email.

Remember to save when you're done editing. Changes to the email templates don't auto-save because we don't want emails automatically sending to students when you're half-way through writing your email. You can send yourself a test email to see how your email will appear to students.

Note: Automated lead nurturing emails will contain an unsubscribe link. Here is the copy for the unsubscribe footer: “P.S. This was written and sent by me using Maven’s email platform, and all replies go to my inbox. Please click here to unsubscribe.”

If a student unsubscribes from any email associated with your course, they are unsubscribing from commercial emails related to your course, but will still receive relevant informational emails. For instance, if a student unsubscribes from one of your waitlist emails but later enrolls in your course, they will still receive all relevant emails sent to enrolled students.

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