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Enroll students for free
Enroll students for free
How to enroll students for free in your course
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Here are two ways to enroll students for free in the Students dashboard.

Option 1: Click "Enroll Free" on the student's application. This will send them an automated email informing them that can enroll in your course for free.

Option 2: Enroll the student manually. Click "+ Add user" in your Students tab. Then add the student's name and email. Make sure to set their status as "Enrolled". This will trigger an email to the student to join your course.

Before you enroll students for free, make sure you turn on and edit your "Enrolled for Free" activity email. This is automatically sent to any student you enroll for free. You can edit this email in Emails > Activity Emails.

Please note that 100% discount codes in Stripe are not supported in Maven.

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