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Time zones and your cohort events
Time zones and your cohort events

Answers to common questions about time zones and your scheduled cohort events

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  • Your cohort events will be scheduled in your time zone (based on your computer settings).

  • Events will show on students' calendars in their current time zones.

  • Maven events will automatically be adjusted for daylight saving time.

Time Zones

Events are created in your time zone, and will automatically adjust to your students' time zones when they are added to their calendars. The time zone displayed in Maven when you create your calendar is based on your computer settings. If you need to change your time zone on your computer, here's some helpful information:

Daylight saving time

In some parts of the world and in most of the United States, daylight saving time is observed. In these locations, clocks change in the spring and fall. If you are creating your events in a location that observes daylight saving time, Maven automatically adjusts your scheduled events. Events on your students' calendars will also be adjusted.

To confirm that your events are correctly scheduled spanning a time change for daylight saving time, please check that events across a series display the same time across the time change. Here's an example of a course calendar correctly adjusting for daylight saving time.

If you have any further questions about creating your course events, please check out this help article or reach out to [email protected].

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