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Community overview
Community overview

If you're using Maven's community for the first time, get a quick tour and guidance here.

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  • Using Maven's community feature, engage with students outside of live sessions.

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer connections among cohort students.

Your course community

Maven's community platform helps bring together community, content, and projects, all in one place. With one link, your students will have access to their Home page where they can chat with you and their peers, share their work, ask questions, connect with others, and view course content.

First, here's a quick tour showing you what students will experience:

Welcoming your students

We encourage you to start with an onboarding email or announcement that welcomes students to the course. Encourage students to introduce themselves in the community. Provide a customizable introduction template. Learn how to create your custom welcome template here.

Remember: when you're introducing students to your community, make sure your student portal open date is set to a date in the past. Students won't be able to access your community until the student portal open date has passed. Click here to double check your dates.

As students arrive, you can send course announcements that students can comment and react to. Your announcements channel only allows posts from you and any staff you may have helping you, and anything you post on the announcements channel is sent as an email. Click here to learn more about what the different channels are for.

If you have further questions about your course community, please reach out to [email protected].

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