You might be working with a team so we've made it easy to add staff to your Maven account. You might have colleagues managing admissions while you build our course content for example.

The are 3 levels of permissions you can provide. We'll start at the lowest permission level.

Course Facilitator - in this role, one can manage student status' and change the course and cohort settings.

Course Manager - this person can do everything the facilitator can do but they can also edit and trigger emails.

School Admin - this final role gives access to all the courses in the school (if you have more than one course) and also provides the ability to edit the Stripe payment integration.

To add or edit access and permissions:

Only a School Admin can edit these permissions.

  1. In your Admin, click the top left COURSE box. A menu will appear providing the option to navigate to the SCHOOL settings. Click in there.

  2. Scroll down and find the Admin Users section. Add staff and make any changes you need.

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