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Adding co-instructors or other course staff
Adding co-instructors or other course staff

How add additional instructors or course managers to your course account

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  • If you are co-teaching your course or have a course manager, you can give them varying levels of access to your course.

  • Additional course and school admin can help you design your landing page, send emails, manage student admissions, and interact in the community.

  • Any added course admin or staff should also create their own Maven accounts at

When to add course staff

You might be working with a team (co-instructor, course manager, session facilitator, etc.) so we've made it easy to add staff to your Maven account.

The are 3 levels of permissions you can provide.

Course-level permissions (access to one course only)

Course Facilitator - Course facilitators can only update cohort settings as well as manage students. They cannot send emails.

Course Admin - Course admins can update course and cohort settings as well as manage students and send emails.

School-level permissions (access to all courses in your school + all permissions)

School Admin - School admins have access to all functionality at every level of the platform.

How to add course staff

Only a school admin can edit these permissions.

  1. Go to your course Settings tab and click "School admins."

  2. From there, click "+New course staff" to add the emails in the levels or roles you'd like.

  3. Your added course staff will not get an email. They can go to to create their Maven account. When logged in with the email you've added, they'll have access to your course at the permissions you've set.

If you have further questions about adding course staff, please reach out to [email protected].


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