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Setting up your Lightning Lesson in Zoom
Setting up your Lightning Lesson in Zoom

How to ensure a seamless Lightning Lesson experience for you and attendees

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  • Host Lightning Lessons via Zoom (Pro-level account required).

  • Create your Lightning Lesson under Maven's "Free lessons" tab.

  • Integrate Maven with Zoom to automatically share the session invite and recording with registrants.

Zoom checklist

☑️ You have a Zoom Pro/Business account. Check your Zoom profile to confirm.

☑️ If you have over 500 registrants, purchase the large meeting add-on. Do not purchase Zoom Webinar — this doesn't integrate with Maven.

☑️ Confirm the Zoom meeting date & time in your upcoming meetings. You should see a Zoom meeting with the same title as your Lightning Lesson.

☑️ Double check you have an embedded passcode in your Zoom link. Your meeting link should look like: If you do not have a passcode in your link, please turn on “Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join” on your Zoom account meeting settings, regenerate the event link on Maven, and hit publish.

☑️ Decide if you want a waiting room or not. We suggest turning OFF your waiting room so you don't have to constantly admit students.

☑️ Turn OFF this setting: Allow participants to join before host

☑️ Trim your recording directly in Zoom.

Creating a Zoom meeting through Maven

In the Lightning Lesson editor, set up your Zoom session by clicking the "Add event link" button:

The link should have a passcode, like this:

Calendar invitations & recording

Your registrants will automatically get a calendar invite with a link to join. Maven automatically sends students a reminder email shortly before the session with a direct link to join.

48 hours after the session, Maven will automatically share the recording with registrants. You'll have time to edit and upload a new recording if needed.

Your recording will be posted to your Lightning Lesson page and your page will continue to gather signups after your lesson has ended.


  1. How do I start the Lightning Lesson?

    1. If you're logged in to the Zoom account connected to your Lightning Lesson, you'll be recognized as the host and have the ability to start the session. \

    2. You can either click on the link from Maven, your calendar invite, or directly in Zoom.

  2. I need to change the Zoom link. What should I do?

    1. Ideally, keep the same link to avoid potential issues for attendees. But, if you need to change the link please reach out to [email protected] so we can help.

  3. Should I purchase a large meeting add-on?

    1. Maybe. If you have >500 registrants, you should purchase the large meeting add-on.

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