What you need to know about your course as taxable income.

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Your course is a commodity, and thus is taxable as income. Maven does not issue you tax documents, as Maven is the platform on which you operate your course, and does not collect your earnings for you.

If you are eligible to receive a 1099-K, you will receive it through your Stripe Connect account. Stripe will generate a 1099-K for any instructor who has met or exceeded a threshold of $20k in course earnings AND 200 charges with their Stripe Connect account. The 1099-K will show up under your "Documents" section of your dashboard by 1/31. For more information on a 1099-K from Stripe, please refer to their help document.

If you do not meet that threshold of earnings AND charges, you may need to manually export the data from Stripe to include all the deposits made to your account for that tax year. More information can be found here in this Stripe help document.

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