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Admissions dashboard for applications
Admissions dashboard for applications

A brief overview of your admissions dashboard

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With an Application admissions strategy, you’ll have a list of students categorized under "Application Incomplete," "Applied," "Maybe," "Accepted," and "Enrolled" tabs.

  • Application Incomplete: student started an application, but did not complete it

  • Applied: student has submitted an application for you to review

  • Maybe: students you've reviewed an application for, but have not yet decided to accept

  • Accepted: students you’ve invited to your cohort

  • Enrolled: student has paid and secured their seat in your cohort.

Clicking each student’s name reveals their application form along with their current status and action items like "Accept," "Maybe," and "Enroll free."

Keep in mind when you click "Accept," an email will be sent to the student inviting them to pay for your course. You can customize the email in the Emails section of your Maven course admin dashboard.

In the top right corner of the Students tab, you’ll see an option to "+Add user" if you need to add someone manually. This is helpful if someone expresses interest without completing an application or if you’re admitting a coach or other staff member.

You’ll also see an option to export your student list. You can select which students should be exported by status.

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