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How to accept students
How to accept students
If you're using an application form, you'll need to manually review and accept student applications.
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Accepting Students

Click the ‘Accept’ button on the applicant’s profile. They’ll automatically receive an acceptance email with a link for them to pay and enroll in your course.

Editing student statuses

Within the Students tab of your admin dashboard, you can manually set an applied student's status to "Maybe," "Accepted," or "Enrolled." You can also move students between cohorts or removed them from the cohort. If needed, you can also manually add students to any status at any point.

To edit a student's status or remove them from the cohort, click the 3 dots next to the students name and select "edit" to change status or move them to another cohort and "delete" to remove them from the cohort.

To manually add students, select the "+add user" button near the top right of the screen and select the location of the student.

Enroll a student for free

There are two ways to enroll students for free.

  1. Click "Enroll Free" on the student's application. This will send them an automated email informing them that can enroll in your course for free.

  2. Add the student manually. Click "Add user" in your Students tab. Then add the student's name and email manually. Make sure to set their status as "Enrolled". This will trigger an email to the student to enroll in your course.

Customize your application

You can create a custom application flow by filling out the form in your Cohort Settings. You can learn more about application creation here.

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