So you're ready to launch your course...

What next?

Launch Checklist

  1. Integrate your Stripe account and set your course price

  2. Prepare any discount codes you'll need for marketing efforts

  3. Ensure all your important dates are set

    1. Application deadline is the last date students can apply for your course

    2. Payment deadline is the last date students can pay for your course

    3. Student Portal open date is when your Student Portal opens for enrolled students

    4. Start date is the date you start your course. Often it's the first live workshop (but doesn't have to be)

    5. End date is the last day of your course but similar to start date, may or may not signify your last live workshop.

  4. Customize your automated emails and make sure they're toggled on

  5. Re-read your course landing page. Yes, you've reviewed it a million times. Take a deep breath, go into beginner's mindset and read it again. Does it make sense to someone who is visiting for the first time? Why should they consider your course?

  6. If you're accepting applications, review the application flow for a final time.

Bonus: Suggested Launch Sequence

Once you've completed your checklist, here's a good sequence to get things started:

  1. Send an email to your waitlist. Whether they responded to a survey you put out to your audience, or it's your waitlist collected from your Maven page, start here. Send an email giving this group 48 hours to apply/join before you announce your course publicly. Emphasize the exclusivity of the offer.

  2. Announce your course through your primary channels, whether it's an email newsletter, social channel etc.

  3. Don't stop announcing your course. You read that right. Social posts disappear from your audience within minutes so don't think you're done marketing when you announce your course. Add it to your profiles, website, newsletter template, personal email signature, and anything else that has regular exposure to your audience.

  4. 1 week prior to your registration deadline, conduct another aggressive push. Make sure that any students who dropped off during the application or payment flow hear from you again. If you're really focused on filling your cohort, use discounts to entice them. But don't rely on discounts if you don't need to.

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