Your first broadcast email to your entire cohort will likely be an orientation email a week or so before your course starts. Every course is different, you might onboard students a day before or a month before. That said, there are still an important sequence of events that need to happen before your first workshop or course start.

Your launch sequence will look like this:

  1. Publish your course calendar (this triggers your events to be added to your enrolled students' calendars)

  2. Send your orientation email

  3. Add students to your Slack community.

But to get there, there are a few steps to ensure you're ready to welcome students.

Complete your course setup

Student Portal

Maven's superpower today is giving your students one centralized place to find everything related to your course. This is where you host your calendar, your syllabus, relevant resources, and links out to your community (if you're using one).

To set up your course's Student Portal, follow these instructions.

You'll want to ensure your Student Portal is open before you send any orientation email.


We recommend Zoom as it has demonstrated its stability versus competitors like Google Meet and BlueJeans.

Use your account's Zoom room or create a meeting for each of your live workshops. We recommend just using your Zoom room so that it's the same link every time. This will minimize the possibility of students joining the wrong Zoom link.

Enable Waiting Room so that students who join early don't catch you in the middle of your pre-workshop preparation.

For more on Zoom setup and guidance, Zoom has a ton of great video resources on their YouTube channel.

For today, you'll just need the link(s) to your Zoom meetings so you can add it to your calendar invite.


Follow the Slack setup steps detailed here.

Course Calendar

Maven Calendar

You can create your calendar of events in draft mode. When you're ready, click Publish Calendar and your events will appear on the personal calendar of your enrolled students.

Click here for more on the Course calendar

Send your orientation email

Get your Enrolled student email list

In your Maven Dashboard, use the download button in the top right corner and create a list of Enrolled students.

Draft your orientation email

Write your email your way. Every course is different, every instructor has their own voice. The following template includes important information but it's just a starting point. You should adjust it to your needs and your course.

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited for you to join me for this upcoming cohort! We're getting started soon and I just want to get you oriented to how I'm going to be run this course.

Calendar invites. You'll receive Calendar invites to each of our live workshops. Please make sure these are in your calendar so you get reminders for our meetings.

Slack community. You'll also see an invite to our Slack community where you can connect with fellow instructors. If you haven't seen that invite, you can also click this link to access the community: [Invite link to Slack community]

Course student portal. Everything I share in this course will be available in our student portal. I'll be sharing workshop recordings, projects, more resources, and anything else that you might want to see. To access the student portal, follow this link: [[school]/[course]/login. Use the email address you used to sign up for the course (hint: it's the one you're receiving this email with)

You've joined an incredible group of individuals and I'm exciting to get into our course. This is going to be a collaborative experience, it'll be participatory - that's right, no sitting back! Get excited and get involved!

Our first workshop is on [first workshop date]. Check your calendar or student portal for the Zoom link.

If you have any questions, just reply directly to this email and I'll help you out. See you in Slack!

[Instructor name]

Launch sequence

  1. Publish your course calendar.

  2. Send your orientation email.

  3. Add your students to your Slack community. Slack's security prevents you from adding more than 30 email addresses at a time so just do it in batches until your entire student list is in.

🚀 Congratulations! It's teaching time! 🧑🏫

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