Maven offers 5 automated emails you can customize. The number of emails you have access to depends on whether your admissions strategy is Applications or Instant Pay. For Instant Pay, there are only 3 emails to customize.

You can find them in your Maven dashboard:[school]/[course]/admin/emails

Application Received*

Trigger: a student applies to your course

While it seems like a basic application receipt, this is a great opportunity to continue selling the value of your course. You can highlight different elements of your course and remind them why they should be excited to hear back from you.

Student Accepted*

Trigger: you click accept on a student's application in your Maven dashboard.

Customize this email and sell the student on your course, again. It's not overkill. This is (often) a big purchase so reminding the student what they're getting and what transformation will take place in your course is paramount.

Enroll for Free

Trigger: you click 'Enroll for Free' in your Maven dashboard.

Some instructors will offer scholarships with free tuition. This makes it quick and easy to enroll someone in your course without them having to pay.

Acceptance Follow-up

Trigger: After X minutes/days/weeks/months without enrolling in the course, the student receive this email.

You can customize the copy in your email but also the delay in when the email gets sent out. You can have a more time-sensitive approach where you send a reminder 24 hours later, or a more relaxed approach where you send a follow-up a week later.

Payment Abandoned

Trigger: A student goes to pay for your course, creates an account but then drops off before entering their information in the Stripe payment page.

Again, you can customize the delay on this email. Abandoned payment (or "abandoned cart" in the ecommerce world) emails are often sent very soon after a payment is abandoned. For best results, send these emails between 1-24 hours after the initial abandonment.

*only for Applications admissions strategy

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